Fungus Update

Murky, herbal, bitter, healing TEA...mmmmm.

I know you STILL don't want to hear about my FUNGUS, but it is so cool! I went to see Dr. Charles on Sunday afternoon. He said my fungus is almost gone! He said I need to cleanse my liver and get the lymph nodes working. I won't look puffy anymore! Yay! So I'm still on my fungus tea and a new tea for the liver, which is quite disgusting. He said I was feeling firmer around my waist, which I think I am because I'm wearing a size 18 and it fits! (I can't believe I told you that. I was a 20!) He said the baby fat will take longer but it WILL come off! And I think that is worth $35 a week to be healthy and lose weight. My rash is significantly reduced. I haven't posted pictures of it. Do you want me to? I also had a ringing in my ears which is gone. My eyes are looking great (I think), and I don't look old anymore. I am also trying to be more like Jesus. So maybe that's part of it. Tender, loving, kind, generous. All that and more. I haven't yelled at the kids all week. Wowsers.
Anyway, I'm going to work on my post for tomorrow which will include more pics from my bargain weekend. Hope it's going well for ya'll!

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  1. True, I've been yelling at the kids instead.