Health Update - ECZEMA help

I know it's not really fun to read other people's health problems, but I have to relay some health issues to you. I'm feeling so amazing...I'm even thinking of exercising! (I know....sounds like I've gone off the deep end). Exercising will be another blog post in the future.
I am still a bit sleep deprived and should be in bed right now, but I have had a return of energy and joy in living that I don't think I've really had for over three years. I have pretty much been human wreckage since I gave birth to Holland. And then as I was coming out of that funk, I got pregnant with Darcy and it continued until last week. I'm telling you that that Chinese herbal crazy tea is working!!! I want to tell people around the world to try supporting your organs, not doping them up on antibiotics and painkillers and other crazy drugs. Yes, there is pain and suffering in the world, but if you start at the source of the pain, the why of the pain. That is the important part.
This is my fourth week on teas, the second on this certain tea for my fungus. I think the one that worked the best was the immune system one that really cleaned me out. I'm actually feeling nervous that when I'm not drinking the tea that I won't feel as good as I do now. So weird!
If you have eczema anywhere on your body this could be the answer for you. Google search for an alternative doctor and just try it. It should NOT be should NOT should feel a difference in about two weeks. If for some reason the tea doesn't help, then at least you tried and you didn't really lose anything. There's nothing to be afraid of either. It's not mumbo's real! (I actually got my period yesterday and have had no cramps...barely noticed it. I usually get cramps the first two days and then just cranky. I don't think I even noticed any amazing!!!!)
I wonder if there is a way to find a similar doctor in your area...I think I'll do some research on that and post back here. I also plan on going to all the message boards I went to when searching for eczema cures and tell them about this.
I just reread what I wrote and I sound like I'm getting a kickback or something...but I'm not!
Holland has been having the tea balls, which are the same tea as I'm taking as a liquid. I'm pulverizing them in the coffee grinder and Charles said that baking them into muffins will still work, even if a little more slowly, but getting them into her is the main point. I put the powder in whole wheat pancakes tonight with some nutmeg and vanilla. She gobbled them up. I'm telling you that it is working. Of course, if it all goes to hell, I will let you know asap. I'm just thrilled. And I'm able to sleep...must sleep. And I'm not itching. Yay!

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  1. I love my sleep, too:) I'm in bed every night by 10 pm and never have any problems falling asleep--unless I have caffeine in the afternoon! That will ALWAYS keep me up!