There's a Fungus Amongus!

I haven't posted all week because I lost my USB cable and can't add pics. I really don't like blogging without my trusty camera.
I've been literally spring cleaning all week. Somehow stuff has collected all over the house and I just can't stand it. I have to get RID of it. Goodwill, yardsales, take it away now! Hee hee.
We've also been trying to finish up the kitchen projects so we can say it's done!!! (pic coming soon). Then we can start working outside in the garden. I want to build a Wendy house! Dreams do come true! It's supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow. I'm not really ready for that.

And, I've been going to a Chinese doctor (Charles Kwang DC) who does muscle testing for allergies. I wasn't feeling great but not that bad, so I've been going and I think I'm getting my mojo back! Can I say that? I also hadn't been able to go to sleep or stay asleep throughout the night. I am now able to go to sleep. My eyes aren't puffy anymore, my skin is looking smooth, my rashes are fading. He says I have a fungus. We all have something and I'd pick that over a parasite I guess. I've been drinking these gross teas he makes out of very bitter herbs and roots. But it seems to be working. I may even lose weight! Woohoo! Going back today and taking Kate, just to see if she needs any cleansing. Holland is doing great btw, I've been pulverizing her tea and putting it in muffins. Her moods are pretty nice now. I'll keep you posted. But you may remember how bad her eczema was...I'll have to post it somewhere on message boards to help all of you out there with severe eczema. Please read the pdfs on his site, they are very informative about the liver, the adrenals, fungus etc. Click here.
Oh, and it's super important to stay away from white sugar as it makes the liver work to hard! I believe it, because I feel terrible when I eat it. It's also smart to stay away from enriched flour and bleached. It's hard to find bread made out of stone ground flour without paying a lot, but Trader Joe's has a loaf that I think is about $2! Read your labels!
Have a good week! I'm going to be posting again...

Update: Just got back from seeing Charles. Kate just needs her adrenals boosted/cleaned and she should feel fine, about one week's worth of tea $35! Awesome! He said I should be done in about a week with the fungus! So exciting and I'm feeling so great. Hope that continues. I will go back if I start feeling yuck again. It's so much better than getting a pill from the medical dr.


  1. This is so weird and awesome. I just got the NAET book out of the library by Devi S. Nambudripad and was wondering if this alternative medicine works, and then you became a follower of my blog I come to check your blog out (great blog by the way) and your talking about how great your feeling after your experience with the naturepath. I am also getting into "Nourishing Traditions", as well as Jordan Rubins great vitamins garden of life. Now I sound like I am getting kickbacks, (I'm not) it's just great to find others who are discovering these alternatives to modern medicine. Thank you for following my blog, I am so glad your healing!

  2. Thanks for your post, we are all doing great on the Chinese tea. I'm even losing weight! Check back for more updates!