Holland's Fourth Birthday

Do you know Foofa?

Lots of Tinkerbell from Drew!

Cake and presents...every girl's dream!

Sweet Holland Delaney


The party went off without a hitch. I just forgot to set out the veggie platter that I bought. I kept trying to think of what was missing...but it never happened. Guess we'll have it for snacks this week. Oh, and Holland fell asleep and didn't wake up till almost 5pm! Then was grouchy for a LONG time. Finally started having fun and everyone had to go home. It also got pretty warm so we mostly sat around drinking beer and strawberry margaritas. The kids played in the pool. It was a great party I think. The food was tres bien! And Holland got so many lovely gifts...I was amazed and happy for her. No more birthdays till October. (Except for Doug's in August, but he doesn't want to admit it).

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  1. Sounds like fun--love that Yo Gabba Gabba cake!