200th Post Celebrate Celebrate!!!

Wow...200, now that's pretty cool. I haven't won that many awards yet, and I don't have many followers...but one day I imagine I'll be up there with the big bloggers. My voice will find something to say that people will want to hear. Looking forward to that.

Anyway!!! We're working on Holland's barbeque birthday party this weekend. It's going to be pretty cute, even if there aren't any girls coming to it. And it's a Foofa Party. So weird. She's going to love it and that's what counts!!!

I have a truly long list of things to accomplish tomorrow and Sunday. Today I painted most of the white in my house again. I still have to work on the bathroom. I hate painting bathrooms. Ugh.

To celebrate 200 posts, this being the 200th, I want to paint a mural on Darcy's wall. Probably a tree with a bird on it (taken from her little quilt), and then maybe hang a birdhouse on the wall with it. I'm also going to drink some Asti this weekend and ponder life in Los Angeles. Like, is it a good thing? Can we get out? Will I miss it again?

Thank you also to my readers...it is much appreciated. Please know that I will reply to all your comments. Have a lovely weekend. Here's to the next 200!!!


  1. Pray tell what is a foofa party? Congrats on 200 that's quite an accomplishment! Happy I'm following your great blog!

  2. Here's to many more!

    Just noticed your tweet about Facebook--I got bored with it too!