Little Girl's Rooms

Holland's bedroom is actually our living room. My hub built a wall across the main part of the room, so she has french doors, all the windows and a fireplace in her room! So cool. We use the entry way and the dining room as our living space now. That will probably only be for another year, and then I will put Holland and Darcy into the new pink room together. Hopefully they will both be sleeping soundly by then. Ha ha.H's room with the new antique armoire from the estate sale.

View looking into her the iron bed for $16! (for two)

This is the room I just painted, before I painted it. My eldest daughter's brown room. Ha ha.

Here's a small glimpse of the new color I chose for Darcy's room. The brightness will be offset with the brown and white accents. More coming soon!!! But isn't it better than brown? So cheery and sweet. It's called Love Potion from Dunn Edwards.

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  1. I completely adore the new color! This is the very reason why I want to have a little girl, so I can dress her up and do this to her room! Such a cute pic of the girls reading together, too!