Lost Without You

The season finale of Lost is coming on in about 15 minutes...we're hurriedly getting the dishes done and the kids are in bed asleep. It's very exciting...except for the sad fact that it won't be on again for another year. We were really getting into it and now it's over. Only one more year!

I'm watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares right now. I really love Gordon. He swears a bit too much, but I still like what he's trying to do to help people.

Hope you all enjoy the last Lost for the year!!!! Things to look forward to: Jon & Kate Plus 8 new season, Tori and Dean new season! Lots to watch, but not too much!


  1. We love Lost, too--but we haven't watched it yet. Our girls like to watch with us (they're 14 and 15 years old), but staying up until 11pm on a school/work night is too late for all of us. Hope it was a good finale!!

  2. i love chef ramsey... Hell's Kitchen is the BEST...... I'm so happy w/the guy winning too :) he was a bit cocky in the beginning but.. overall - he was the best.... :)