So, with the mess of my daughter moving her stuff around, I am moving my youngest into her old room and cleaning thoroughly the middle child's room. This will include lots of dust bunnies, spider poop, cobwebs, dust, trash, old food, crusty toys and laundry everywhere. We're also exchanging dressers so I'll have to reorganize all her clothes (she's grown too). I want to rearrange her room so it works to the best of it's ability as far as sleeping and playing. She loves dressup so I'm going to have a dressup area with a mirror and hooks for her dresses. Then I want a reading nook for her new anywhere chair.
In baby's room there will be an 8 ft. long closet where I'm planning on storing all the girl's dresses and shoes, many toys and some books. I have a plan!!! I have an Ikea shelf I'm going to put in the closet for cubbies. This will in turn empty out the hallway, where I plan on putting the little bench I bought last week. This will leave more room to walk through too. Less chance for me to clutter it up with stuff!
Probably today and tomorrow will be the big cleaning and organizing days. Wednesday I have bible study so won't have much time to work. Anyway, that's the plan for this week. I'll try to keep you updated. I have pics of Kate's new place, just have to upload.
Hope you all have an awesomely fabulous week!

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