Apartment Redo for Kate - Photos Above

May has brought a big change to our house. No, I'm not having a baby! My eldest daughter, who is 18, is moving out to a studio apartment in our backyard. So she's not moving very far, but it is still going to be an adjustment. (Yes, K you are still going to empty the dishwasher for me and do your own laundry.)
I thought I would document the transformation on the blog. It now has disgusting green carpet, that is very dusty. We are planning on installing laminate flooring this weekend if we can find it at a very cheap price. A new window is needed. The ceiling fan is ancient and there is no other source of lighting, so I'll be looking around Ikea for that. There are some nasty kitchen cabinets that will need something too. The bathroom is okay, we'll be installing a new toilet eventually. Probably do some paint touchups, hang curtains and do all white furniture with yellow accents. My daughter's choice on the color. I'd go with blue.
Other projects: cleaning up the backyard so we can entertain and have barbeques, getting all my furniture projects sorted, done and sold, planting some greenery in the backyard if it is inexpensive. And of course, finish all the inside stuff too. And the Wendy house for H's birthday!

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