Five Minute Fire Scare

We have a lot of fires here in SoCal. For about five minutes this afternoon I thought we might have to grab the girls and get out of our house. A house two doors down was on fire! Well, it seemed like the backyard was on fire, but the roof was smoking a bit too. We don't know any details, of course. But the person who lives in the house was home and was doing some yard work. This is a junky, sad, ugly, overgrown, delapidated house. More of a shack really. We pretend it's not there most of the time. So it is possible that the mower threw a spark and caught some of the knee high weeds aflame. There was so much smoke and ash for about 10 minutes that it filled my house with the smoke. I pulled all the stuffed animals in from the porch so they wouldn't get smoked up.

Many of the neighbors came out to see the 4 or 5 fire engines, several police cars and more lining our street. The amazing thing to me is that employees across the street from this house came running over with extinguishers and tried to put the fire out before the LAFD arrived.
Now that's neighborliness. At least it gave me hope that there are some good people in the world, and around here...

Scary but true story.

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  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Our local bakery caught on fire due to a short circut or electrical. I'm not sure. In the middle of the night sirens went off and people flocked around them to see what was the matter.