Thirtysomething - Seriously Cool!

Okay people, my all time favorite show from the 80s is coming out on DVD in August! Yay! I'm pre-ordering it on Amazon. (Thanks to Cheryl for the headsup!). It's going to be so fun to go back and check out my old friends, and see the locations where they filmed (near my old neighborhood btw), and hopefully they'll have some outtakes and behind the scenes stuff. I can't believe how long it's been since the show has actually been on TV. Probably over 10 years. I used to try to catch it when it was rerunning on Lifetime, but it was at weird times.
I'd love to know if you loved it or hated it. I loved the flashbacks they used to do too of when they were "young" and in college or high school. Such a fun, angsty show. Looking forward to seeing China Beach sometime too. Let me know what you think!!!!
NOTE: thirtysomething ran from 1987 to 1991, and was abruptly cancelled, I think. Similarly, Once and Again, also by the same guys, was cancelled after only three seasons and people loved it!


  1. my oh my...i loved that show!
    you are so cool for ordering it.
    i wonder if it will be at the video stores.
    do you remember how long it ran for??

  2. Okay I'm a huge fan of both China Beach AND thirtysomething! I even have the thirtysomething soundtrack!