Projects for the Summer

Purchased this bench on Sunday for $20.
The girls love it, so I am going to keep it.
Just have to decide how to paint it and where to put it.

I adore the slipcover on this ottoman.
I am going to make this for our ottoman this summer.
Just not sure what the ruffle is made from. Any ideas?

I have an old hope chest that's almost exactly this style, but not painted.
I'm wondering if I should paint it and try to sell it?
It's quite large, too large for my tiny house.


  1. I love that bench. And you got it for 20 bucks - wow.

  2. What a fun blog! Glad I happened across it, even though I was looking for actual dog blogs! I am an avid seamstress (the word "sewer" can be read in too many different ways), and it looks to me like the ruffle on the ottoman is made of the same fabric as the rest of the ottoman. It looks like white linen, maybe cut into 3" wide strips. Fold the strips in half and iron. Then use a long basting stitch to gather the strips into ruffles. (Am I understanding your question correctly? I hope I'm not embarrassing myself and just spouting the obvious....)