Almost Beachy

Here's the luscious white put away with the moth balls.
Oh, and my husband broke the curtain rod on the it's wonky.

And here's the latest slipcover, child-friendly, not as cute, but serviceable...(sigh) boo hoo.
I also now do not like that rug, does not go with couch, and the room is too bland...any thoughts?
Do you see how small my "living room" is? It used to be the dining room.

I've never really tried super hard to be beachy at my little cottage. I've just always liked white, and then colorful accents around. But now, because of the white slipcover fiasco, I decided to go to Ikea and scope out their other offerings. And I lucked out! I found two slipcovers, one was a dark beige color (missing two pillows) and one that is white and khaki checks. I had to get the latter because it had all the pillows. It's not so's more beachy than I thought it would be. I'm going to stock up on some more brown pillows and possibly some robin's egg blue ones too. I'll just have to rearrange a bit so it's not so pristine looking around here. Because it's really not at all, with dirty floors, cobwebs, crumbs, and messy kids.
This new cover isn't available anymore, that's why it was on sale! Yay! $99! I also got the girls a couple of cute little white chairs! I didn't actually spend any cash, used the gift card! Double Yay!


  1. There's no way I could have a white couch in my house--we are ALL too messy! Maybe someday you'll be able to drag the slipcover out of storage!

  2. I love the white slipcover look. I keep looking at 100% Irish linen fabric on eBay, thinking I should make slipcovers for my couches with it. A friend of mine that has white slipcovers says they're the best and easiest to clean because you throw them in the wash with bleach. She has 3 small kids, and it seems to work for her.

  3. Beachy is good, I love the look!