Happy Father's Day and glad we're home!

Spent three harrowing days in Laguna Beach while my husband was in Kansas City last week.
The girls were loving being in a hotel, they love to travel. But being in a confined space with them and my mother was very stressful, I think I got a bunch of gray hair!
Laguna is strikingly gorgeous, the water is incredible, but it is very dangerous for little children.
I left my mom with the girls to go to the car to get the umbrella and stuff and when I came back a huge wave had gone all the way up the beach and almost washed them away! I'd also left my camera and cell phone in a bag on the beach and it almost got swept away too. Luckily I had just purchased the most awesome bag that protected them. My mom grabbed my 20 month old when the wave came (but it didn't bother her to get all wet), but my four year old FREAKED out and had to go back to the room to get cleaned up. Luckily we had a huge jacuzzi tub they could swim in safely.
We decided to go to Dana Point Harbor the last day where there's a waveless area for little kids to play and a lifeguard very close at hand. We were also lucky that the sun didn't come out until we were about to leave, so we didn't get too hot.
Overall it was not a good trip, but it was great to see the ocean and get some beachy inspiration for the summer. Hopefully I can go back with Hubs and enjoy some peacefulness at some point. Tomorrow is our 7th wedding anniversary!

Waveless Dana Point Harbor beach area.

Here's a fun shot of the beautiful water at Agate Cove near main Laguna Beach

I love the colors in this picture...the ocean is my favorite!

The Cottage Furnishings Shop

Anyway, got back from Laguna Beach Friday night, quite exhausting. The girls really ran me ragged! I did get to pop into a store I've had my eye on every time I go to Laguna. It's called Cottage Furnishings and they have painted furniture, adirondack chairs and lots of beachy accessories. Really lovely fabrics too, but oh my, it was PRICEY!!! I guess I'm just used to doing it myself, painting things myself etc. I looked at a picture frame, smaller than 5x7 and it was $39.95!
It might have been made in China too. So I was a little taken aback. A simple star pillow was over $50! Rugs were $200 and were smallish. The painted furniture was astronomical! I guess they have to pay quite a bit to be on the main road in Laguna, but I don't see how anyone can really afford to buy anything there....hmmmm.

Got a few cute ideas that I may follow up on though: a cushion with a star/fish pattern created in vintage looking buttons, beach postcards matted and framed, 3-d star shaped pillows in stripes,
a gorgeous iron bed with white curtains all around it...I really loved that look. And just having brighter colors around. I realized when I got home that I have A LOT of white here...am definitely wanting some bright colors to bring some life to the place.

Well, I'm looking forward to a great week. Today I'm heading to Ikea and Homegoods to look for some fun bargains, and I mean BARGAINS! We are broke until the end of July. I'll let you know if I find anything of course. Also buying some groceries at Sam's Club. Can't wait to hear what you've all been up to lately!

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