Getting there...easy beach within reach!

"Woman Lying on a Bench" 1913

The postcard above portrays my lifestyle...NOT! No, actually I would like to use this as an example of the new color palette I want to use in my living and dining areas.
I found a pack of these at Ikea for 50 cents! The artist is Carl Larsson.

Isn't that a catchy title? Hee hee.
Today is my anniversary, seven years of marriage to my dear Hubs. We are hoping to go out for dinner tonight if all goes well...we'll see.
So I treated myself to two trips to Homegoods (two locations) yesterday and a visit to the As-Is section at Ikea. Ikea had some lovely aqua and white striped floor cushions that I am longing for. They were $20 each though, and I'm not really wanting to spend that much. They would be great for the girls to sit on the floor on while watching tv. I'll keep my eyes open for a sale.
At Homegoods (love that place!) I found some clearance pillows that really solved my problem...I didn't know what to put on checks...satiny aqua pillows 2 for $8, and two small brown cushions, where one needs a button for $8. I had my husband with me and we kept exclaiming over things that he could make for cheaper. If he had the time. Then I spotted the ultimate beachy item, an aqua cut out of the word BEACH. Now I think I'll just had a Y to the end to make it cute?
Ooh, I also picked up a large back of seashells for $10, and I'm going to turn that into some kind of craft project and make a door decoration and embellish a very inexpensive picture frame(s).
This is going to be fun! Can't wait to show you everything.
I'm planning another trip to Homegoods out in San Dimas to pick up some things I had to think about, like a large metal star, more shells, a mermaid wall hook, and a cushion that I think will fit my adirondack love seat. Hopefully this week, than I am done for a month or so until I can save more pennies!
Then outside on my deck I am going to get a bit of beach going, but not much, as I have a lot of orange and brown out there. My main plan is to paint my front door this week. It's been wood since we put it in and I can't wait to see something bright and adorable! Tomorrow I am going to Lowes to look at paint and come home with some tester pots! Whoopee!
Have a magical Monday friends! Oh, and don't forget Friday is the Mad Hatter Tea Party! It's going to be cool! I have to start planning my party!

Here's a quick pic of what I found yesterday. I also forgot I had a pretty tile from Catalina Island that has some of the colors I like in it. Do you think it looks okay there?

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  1. I think it looks great! I love the colors! those are our bedroom colors! to relaxing