Beauty in the Gardens

I think this little path, arbor, and french door combination is the sweetest!
Would love to create a little secret garden somewhere in my back yard.

Holland loves to be Vanna! This fountain is magnificent.
It's truly the only fountain I've ever really wanted in my garden.
I am sure it's in the thousands of dollars range.

The girls and I went with our new friend Sandy to Descanso Gardens in La Canada yesterday. We have a membership, which is so worth it! Luckily we've been having cool weather here in So Cal or it would've been too hot. We rode the miniature train, so much fun! (Sorry no pics of train).
This little concrete bench is super adorable.

Bee in the lily.

A sweet little garden gnome...

Love this tiny formal garden, it's in the back of the house, very secluded.
The home pics below don't look like Southern California do they? More English.

Photos by Different Dog aka Sarah Bradford
Holland found a cute little lizard she tried to catch. Luckily he got away! The flowers were truly amazing, so colorful and gorgeous! The house in the pics(click on collage for closer view) is called the Boddy House, it's built high up on a hill and has a beautiful view. I like to imagine it's my house when I go there. It makes a lovely break in the week to go there and enjoy nature.
(Revised 6/9/09)
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  1. my lil guy would love to explore there!

  2. lovely photos!!
    felicity xx