Buckets & Berries

Yesterday when I was at my friend's house checking out the new paint and discussing furniture placement...she mentioned that the little market on the corner had organic strawberries for a dollar a box! We walked down there and I bought a few boxes. I also purchased a ton of eggplant for $2, lettuce for 99cents each, and they had organic celery for 39cents! It was amazing. I came home with 5 bags of produce for $23. Trader Joe's just might be seeing less of me this summer...
The buckets I found at Target in the dollar bins. I love those cute little buckety buckets! Perfect for the summer and fourth of July decorations.
Now I just have to figure out what to make with all those strawberries. (My friend bought a case of the things!). Strawberry smoothies, margaritas, shortcake, with cream, make ice cream, pie, freeze some...jam?
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  1. Hello Sarah! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your nice comment! :) Yes, I agree, RMS is silly...but I still find myself drawn to it for one reason or another. :) However, since I have my blog up and running now I've noticed that my time on RMS has dwindled quite considerably. Baby steps, right?!

    Mmmmm....strawberries! My daughter has a new obsession with them as if late so I've been buying a considerable amount these last couple of weeks. Love the buckets from Target as well. :) Whenever I go to Target I find myself wandering in their $1 section, although I know that there isn't anything in there that I "need". :)



  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Hi Sarah. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I didn't realize I had so many profile views. I change my avatar a lot so I guess people are clicking on that to see a bigger picture. Who knows.

    And as far as the followers...I try to participate in a lot of the blog parties, so I'm always meeting people that way. I think that's how I get them. Thanks for adding me. I will add you to mine blog roll too.

  3. The buckets are absolutely cute, and the deals too!!!
    And thank you so much for pointing out the misspell. I do care about that stuff -a lot actually, but (hahah, here comes the but) I read my posts over and over and still I miss things. Go figure. So thanks again!