Working in my garden...

So the pictures were definitely too small from the last I'm going to post larger ones and elaborate on my favorite things!
These photos were all taken yesterday in and around my garden. Where we live is fairly bleak as far as greenery, except for across the street our neighbor has a beautiful deodar fir tree that I love to sit and look at in the mornings. I have been wanting to takes pics of our pomegranate (pom) tree for years and always forget when it's blooming. The middle photo is a little pom just starting to form. The photos to the right of it are the flowers of the pom tree, very bright orange.
Top left is my vegetable garden which is quite tiny compared to others who shall remain nameless (ie. Martha Stewart). We are growing tomatoes, bush beans, squash (white & frilly), and I just planted some swiss chard yesterday (bottom right). I love swiss chard! My dad put in a sprinkler system of sorts, but it needs some tweaking, as it doesn't water all the plants...just some.
Bottom left is a closeup of a group of potato vine flowers. Potato vine grows really well around my house. I originally planted it all along my chainlink fence, but it was so hot and sunny it shriveled up after a year or so. Very sad...
Today we are moving some rose bushes into the backyard where I also planted some impatiens and an orange tree (my dad did the o tree). Hubs is going to mow and blow the front garden area. I'm going to pick a bunch of nectarines that are ripe today, so look for pics of that. I've enjoyed the cooler cloudier weather here in L.A. for the past few weeks...I don't think it'll last much longer...but now I know I can definitely live in a place with more rain and cloud cover (Oregon/Washington?).

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