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Campervans, Airstreams, Retro Camping, and Great Camping Memories Part 1

Recently I've been dreaming about camping. I've done my fair share of camping actually, usually the rougher kind. What I've been dreaming about is luxury camping, vamping! There was an article in Country Living about this exact idea (was someone reading my mind?): gorgeous room style tents, lovely baskets of food delivered to your tent door, everything is set up for you already, you just wander and enjoy the scenery and nature. Sounds divine. Except it's not cheap. When I think of camping I think, this is cheap! It's a great way to get the whole family out and not break our meager bank.
I did a few days searching on Craigslist and found some old Airstreams for very little. They would need total overhauls. But, starting at $2000 you can't beat the price. Then you can remodel in your own style. I'm also thinking that an Airstream in my backyard would be a sweet place to go hide from my children and blog and maybe even craft! Wow! (If you're not sure what an Airstream is, click here.)
There are also some super cute vintage little campers, like Teardrops, and Canned Hams. Love them all! A Teardrop would be too small for my family, but my mom wants one. She's really considering selling her mobile home and buying a camper and traveling around. She thinks it will save her money on living expenses. I happen to agree with her. Any thoughts?

Then I ran across a lovely blog called Katherine's Dream, a UK mom who has a VW van and it's fixed up so cute! I can't even believe it. The English just know how to do things right and in style and comfort (think Colonialism). Her camping attitude is that "a camping trip for me is not about going with out or managing with is more like 'make it as cosy and homely as possible'." And I totally agree. I need to change my American attitude of roughing it! Totally not necessary!

Here are some cute pics of vans you can rent in/near London from a place called SnailTrail. I'll also be looking into caravans, so that will be in Part 2 of this series.
Hopefully this series will inspire you to take a little camping trip this summer, even if it's just in your back yard/garden. I'll also keep you updated on our camping trip preparations. It's going to be interesting taking a four year old, a 19 month old and a crusty dad camping with a nature-lover mommy. Adventure awaits!

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  1. Those pictures are to die for, arn't they.
    I have only been able to make a couple of camping this year but have to say I just love so much. The whole thing, campfires, candlelight, wrapping up and getting all sunggly!
    We have been talking aobut getting a retro style Eriba Troll, a bit more room and better for camping in the colder seasons. Have you heard of them?