Posts I Plan On Writing

Thought I would write you list of things I plan on researching and writing about over the next few weeks and months.

1. My uncle who is South African and wants to leave South Africa and live in the U.S. or some other country, possibly European. If you have any stories relating to this topic, would love to hear them and I can use them in my article.

2. Visiting Sea World in San Diego - things to do etc.

3. Building a Wendy house - how to with lots of pics.

4. Summer plans for kids and how to keep them busy, on a budget or free. Send me your ideas!

5. Painting project - refinishing an old dresser, step by step. Sneak peek here. I'm thinking silver metallic paint. Is that crazy???

6. Focusing on our veggie garden that needs more veggies. It's still cool and need to get more plants established. 6/9/09 Update: working on it. Got the bed almost full of veggies now.

7. More blogs to read, full of info and entertainment. I'll be searching for some fun ones.

8. I'm also going to be creating some buttons for Inspirational Friday and other Different Dog updates.

9. I've also started investigating tiny homes, which was inspired by my love of camping. I'll also be returning to my Summer Love - Camping series.

Can't wait to share all these things with you! It's going to be a busy, I mean, uh, relaxing summer! Ha ha!

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  1. Looking forward to all of those! You are a blogging machine and I am loving it! I would love to see the silver dresser tutorial ecspecially. Great Blog!