One of the busiest days of the year...

Part One
Look what's coming to stay at my house today!
Updates in RED: I decided after much humming and hahing to purchase a corner sofa from Ikea.
It was $899 with the white slipcover, but I received a $150 gift card as an incentive from Ikea (end June 14th).
I am nervous to have a brand new white sofa in my house with all the dirty little hands and faces, but I can't see myself with any other color right now. Plus the slipcover is $99 to replace if necessary. Ha ha.
The couch is surprisingly light weight so easy for me to move, there is huge storage underneath, and there are feathers in the seat cushions for comfort. It is nice and firm to sit on and fits great in my little living room. Slipcover is white denim. I think I'm going to like it!

Part Two
Pack up two small children in car w/ 360 brownies.
Pick up a bakery order and deliver all baked goods to school.
Stop at Old Navy to look for outfit for tomorrow.

Part Three
Move old sofa, clean behind it, rearrange furniture.
Move in new sofa!

Part Four
Shop at TJs for trip snacks, taking a meal to a friend, and church picnic.
Sent #1 daughter & her boyfriend to store for me. Saves mucho time!

Part Five
Start packing for overnight trip to Santa Barbara to see Rudy!
Clean house so it looks nice while we're gone.
Water garden and veggie patch. It rained so saved me time!

Part Six
Keep little children and their dirty hands & feet off my new couch!
Decided to cover with sheets for now. So pretty and white!

Part Seven
Last minute stuff, bank, dishes etc., make dinner.
Go to bed at a decent time...ha ha. Finish packing in the morning.

Okay, got dinner made, prepared those leftover strawberries for dessert, froze the rest, made some of Dee's Sinful Delights and put half in the freezer, got kitchen cleaned up, cleaned floors, folded laundry, get ready for bed and hopefully sleep. Will have to stop at TJs again tomorrow as I forgot water and more rice milk. Also have to clean off front porch (it's full of boxes and plastic).

and don't forget all the email & facebook checking, blogging, taking pics, etc!
Also there is a great giveaway on my new friend Christy's blog that you just have to check out and try to win! I'm hoping for the beautiful silver necklace!
Makes me want to do a giveaway again, as my last one was smallish.


  1. You have got some serious parts. Geez, you got tons going on. Can I ask where you got your couch??
    Have fun and remember...BREATH!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Ooh this is fabulous! Cool collection of Sofa Couch from