White Sofa Woes

Okay, I got a white sofa today, as you all know. It was going great. My four year old was staying away from it. I asked her to play in her room from now on, eat at the kiddie table, and wash her hands and face when she comes inside from playing.
To make a long story short, I hadn't found anything to put over the new couch yet, such as sheets or blankets, and I was in the middle of making dinner. The girls were outside at their sister's house so I was enjoying some peace. Then Darcy came the door with chalk in her hands and I got that from her and I was just saying that I needed to clean her up...when she threw herself head long onto the WHITE SOFA!!!! ARGH! Three cushions were destroyed in about three seconds!!
So, what do you think people? Do I have to give up my white couch dream? Yep.

It's just too much stress and I don't want to keep the thing covered up all the time. You're probably laughing your butts off at me. I'm going to keep the white slipcover for when I have my friends over for tea parties or I have an open house or something. But for everyday use I am thinking of getting the red corduroy. This sounds crazy, but I've always dreamed of a red couch too. And my current cushions have a bit of red in them and I can redecorate the living room to go with the red. Also, my kitchen has red accents. I will put my gift card toward the new one and pray I can find one in the As-Is section.
That's it. My dream of a white corner sofa was shot down in a few hours. At least I don't have to be nervous anymore. Do you think I'm nuts?
Here's a link to a cute site I found w/ a pretty easy upholstery cleaning recipe.


  1. I think red will be beautiful...so full of life!


  2. I love your blog! You will love the red slipcover. I love mine...it does not show the dirt as much. I do want to go get the white slipcover too just to have around for fun occasions and a beach look. My kids are all grown so I don't have to worry about the fingerprints but I do have one little grandchild and more to follow I am sure. I do the love the white look sooo much but I just don't want to have to throw it in the wash every dang day. Stick with the red for now. Where in So Cal are ya? I grew up in Newport Beach but haven't lived there for over 23 years now. Post pics when you get your red slipcovers on. Have fun.