Sundays, Picnics, Food & Friends!

Allowable Sin Treats
Warning: If you make these, give as many away as possible - or you will eat them all!

I caught up on some blog reading this morning and this brought sweet tears to my eyes. Nie is getting her mojo back! I love it and her. I hope one day to meet this lovely lady in person. Maybe she'll become a motivational-type speaker and we can all go hear her inspiration!

Today is our church picnic. Last year it was over 100 degrees at the picnic. Hopefully today it won't break 70! Ha ha. I'm really looking forward to it this year! My girls have matching outfits to wear that I got at the Gymboree Outlet yesterday. Can you say CUTE??? I just have to bake another batch of brownies and that's it. They are feeding us all!!!!

It's going to be another busy week ahead, but it makes life rather jolly to have things to look forward to. The girls are going to get photos taken on Monday, I'm getting a hair cut and new slipcover on Tuesday, Doug is leaving for Kansas City Wednesday and we'll drive to Laguna Beach. That's it for the week. I'll try to post some pictures of the different days.

I have to tell you I made one of the recipes from Dee's cookbook, called Allowable Sin (chocolate and nuts etc). I did add my own twist as I always tend to do. Organic corn flakes, oats, etc. I took some over to my friend because if they were here I would eat them ALL! While I was in Santa Barbara all I could think of was having another bite of Allowable Sin! The minute after I got home I had a cup of tea and my treat. It was heavenly!!!
(Plan-D Cookbook, p. 179)

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