Red, White and Blue We All Love You!

We had a lovely day on the Fourth. I happened to feel inspired so ended up making lemon meringue pie with honey (no sugar) and made Martha Stewart's idea for spoon cookies (honey, no sugar), but made them with whole wheat flour, they were yummy! Pretty low key overall, floated in the pool, ate a great meal, watched the Rose Bowl fireworks show from a distance, and really enjoyed being with my beautiful family!

Nanny and Holland enjoying a yummy dinner on the porch

The lovely Kat in her red and white!

Cookies spoons with vanilla and raspberry!
Kat and Drew being goofy!

Kirby wondering why he's been decorated...

Darcy got a hold of a bun...

Our lovely table and feeling so thankful...

Holland modeling a dress Grandma made from feedsacks her mother saved.

Setting off poppers...not really sure about those yet Holland.

Darcy loved the noise and craziness right away.

Everyone loved the cookie spoons. I think I'll have one now.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Have a great week.

  2. Cookie spoons. Now that's a clever idea. A nice little treat and less to clean!