Rudy's Dedication in Santa Barbara June 12th

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We went to our friends' baby's dedication that weekend.
I don't know why this didn't get posted.
Rolf and Trish are simply incredible.
God chose the right family for Rudy to be born into.
It was lovely seeing the older three children growing up so beautifully.
Rudy slept through the whole thing...his curly head all moist with sweat.
Holland got a bit upset when we were all praying for Rudy, she was so worried
about him. She likes to wear the bracelet now, and say "Rudy has captured my heart!"
Trish sang, Rolf spoke, Wilson played the drums, Max and Livvy handed out programs.
I miss them so much and wish they didn't live two hours away.
I am definitely making a road trip to see Rudy very soon.
Santa Barbara is nice, but we didn't see much of it.
Stayed the night in Camarillo, had a large nice room.
Shopped at the outlets and drove home slowly.

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