Save the CROCS!!!

My hubs sent me this article about how the company that makes Crocs could be financially ruined by September this year! As a family, we just discovered Crocs last year for our three year old and we love them so much. I can't imagine not being able to purchase a pair for the rest of their if you need a pair, run out and get it now, before they're gone for good. I might have to get one more pair. I saw them for $14.99 at Big Lots, and there are some great deals at the Crocs Outlets. How many pairs are in your family?

Some sales going on if you're shopping online: Philosophy is having free shipping until 7/23/09. I love their body wash and cute things for xmas gifts. (Not that I'm buying...believe me!).
If you're a scrapbooker then is having a 50% off coupon for certain items. Wish I had some cash! I need a few more die cuts for my collection, like circles and squares. Basic stuff. I might just have a little lookie.
At the Crocs outlet (physical store) I also found kids crocs for $4.99, in case you want to stock up if they go out of business. Found some in my size for $9.99.

Also, I watched a fun movie on Netflix the other night, called Outsourced. I highly recommend it. It's about a guy who goes to India after his job gets outsourced there. Very sweet movie.

Lastly, I have so much squash coming in that I don't know what to do, so I have decided to share with some friends and neighbors. Here's one of the bags I put together:
Click the pic to see details


  1. What?! I can't imagine a life without crocs! geepers! What next?
    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. J & I both have crocs sandals, and I have "croc-offs" open-toe clogs. So comfortable. It sounds like a case of oversupply and limited demand.

  3. Oh no, I haven't heard anything about Crocs going under. Yikes! I have 2 pairs and everyone I know has at leas 1 pair. I'm off to Big Lots to see if they have my size!

    Thanks for stopping by to see my French bird pillow post. My customer has had her chairs since her childhood and simply recovered them.