Where Bloggers Create Blog Party & Inspirational Friday

Are you ready? Did you clean up?
Time to get inspired by all the talented
bloggers out in blogland! (I have been looking
at all the pretty places, and mine is so messy compared
to everyone's tidy spots, I'm trying not to get envious of
all your lovely spaces...one day...)

It's a blog party people!

Welcome to my little corner of the creative world!

My little flap-top desk where I get cozy with bits and bobs

A Little closer and you will see my friend Kewpie...she loves to visit these blog parties. Buttons in the jars on the shelf, and then my paint brush collection. One day I'll be a painter...

My little cottage is about 950 square feet, so that doesn't leave a lot of extra space for creating anything...but I eked out a few storage spots for myself and I usually do the actual work at the dining room table. This in turn leaves nowhere to sit down as a family and eat. I've been trying to clean up after myself, especially since my little ones love to grab my supplies and run off with them. I am missing the letter S and B from my stamp set if you have extras...ha ha.

The dining room table where the work gets done!
Sorry, no dinner tonight! Hee hee!

In the laundry room I have a large armoire I painted white and my husband added shelves for me. It's nothing like the one Martha Stewart created, which I loved, but one day I will get to that happy place.

I was given this piece, and it was huge and dark.
Finally painted it white...and I love it. I can't wait to have
a room to display it in.

It looks a mess, but I know where everything is (don't I?)
Don't forget to click on a picture to see more up close!

A very large armoire in a very tiny area in
my unfinished laundry room.

In the dining room I have a drawer in the buffet where I keep junk, like scissors or markers and tape just to have right at hand. I can also throw things in that drawer so I can find them later. In the bottom of the china cupboard I have a bin of markers and pens etc. I also store my many photos in there too.

Then, in Darcy's room I have my little flap top desk (shown at the beginning), which my mom bought in England in 1977, where I am training myself to store projects and stickers and papers so I can remember I have them and not buy more. (I have too much craft junk). This desk will be MY desk, so I know where things are, and not have to use the safety scissors because mine are missing!

Recent and not-so-recent creations

So those are my creative areas...I also like to sew sometimes, and have done that on the front porch before too. A lovely place to sit when the weather is nice. Of course, my sewing machine got thrown up on and needs to be professionally cleaned, unless ya'll have a suggestion on how to get the top off of a Singer.

Writing this piece and taking pictures makes me realize what a craft dabbler I am, and it isn't a good thing or is it? Here's a list of all the things I've tried and have supplies for:
  1. Writing, journaling, drawing & blogging - my new love is learning photoshop and other programs to create for the web.
  2. Sewing - making dolls, doll clothes, pillow covers, slipcovers, quilting, curtains, baby headbands, pin cushions, embroidery, vintage buttons, ribbon and more
  3. Soap and perfume making
  4. Decoupage
  5. Painting - watercolor, acrylic, oil, brushes
  6. Scrapbooking - papers, stickers, albums, special scissors, acid free stuff
  7. Rubber stamps & ink
  8. Card making supplies
  9. Die cutting - machine & cut outs
  10. Origami
  11. Knitting - yarns & needles
  12. Paper cutters - various
  13. Sculpy Clay and accessories
  14. Beading, jewelry making and all the tools
  15. Other stuff: many glue guns, lots of different adhesives, various papers, shiny things, safety pins, fabric dye, and of course lots of baking and cooking books and furniture restoration books. And my trusty Macbook!
I love having all these things, but don't know if I really need them. I am going to limit myself in the future, because there are PLENTY of things I can make without purchasing anything.

Thanks so much for visiting...I would love to hear your comments and I love followers!
I am having a blog party of my own, if you click here you can join us! I'm also having a giveaway from Smith and Hawken if you participate! Can't wait to see everyone's creative genius at work!

Have fun at the blog party!


  1. Now that's one creative space. Sweet!

    No I didn't clean up I left it as it is.

  2. Although small in space, big in creativity! Love that you dabble, a good thing. If you do not try you will never know. Great space!

  3. Like you, I have to grab different spaces in the house in which to create! You've done a fabulous job with it all - that armoire must be so helpful! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Wow! So glad you joined the party so I could find you! Great Space! Thanks, for sharing! Hugz, Z

  5. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Wonderful way of storage!!! cute cute! big hugs


  6. Thanks for sharing your spaces. I am loving looking at where others create! Hope you get a chance to visit again today!
    Hugs from Blogland,

  7. Love your little Kewpie doll, she looks so cute there! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Sarah......your cottage looks like such a happy and cozy place:-)~Janet~

  9. Hi sarah! Your space is wonderful! what a great use of space! and you have a cupie too!!!
    what more do you need! lol
    (you have me beat, btw- my cottage is only 600 sq. feet!lol- Don't you just love your little home!just goes to prove bigger is not always better!)
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Sarah,
    How cute you are! I raised my two kids in about 500 S.F. so I feel your squishieness. It takes creativity and organization. You seem to be blessed with both.
    I was just like you and had lots of everything because I enjoyed everything. Now I am focused on one thing..... my flowers. It is just this time in my life, but when I was young like you I had the energy to be all over the place. Embrace diversity and try it all! There will be plenty of time to downsize! Or maybe you will always be a dabbler, that is great too.
    Love your space I will be back.

  11. Hasn't it been fun. I have never seen so many beautiful places to create.
    Hope to see you around...and keep on creating...we were born to do just that.

  12. I love your armoire - what a fun way to store your supplies! Your artwork is beautiful - thanks for sharing!

    :-) Molly

  13. Sarah,
    I started with a kitchen table and plastic bins under the bed. You will indeed get to that happy place but in the meantime enjoy those sticky little fingers that filch your stamps and continue to be inspired and create. Don't be limited by location. Have a happy weekend!

  14. Lovely space my friend! I LVOE KEWPIES! They steal my heart away!

    Blessings to you this very day!


  15. Hi Sarah! I think being a craft dabbler is a wonderful thing! Maybe because I am one as well. It shows talent and versatility in many things. And each new thing you learn makes everything else you do little bit better. Thank you so much for joining on the fun today. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit!

    My Desert Cottage

  16. Ahhh, it's a wonderful space! Have fun today!
    Blessings, Linda

  17. How nice that you have tried all those creative outlets in various spaces in your home! Fun!!
    I didn't get my studio photographed for today's event, but I will be hosting a Christmas in July giveaway on my blog tomorrow (Sat), if you'd like to stop by!

  18. Sarah, I caught you in the photo of the mirror on the door, sugar! What a delightful place you have and I'm sure the "girls" help you a lot. Hmmmmm, now don't they???!
    :-) <------- ME smiling at ya, chickee!

  19. Hello there! I love to see everybody's storage solutions. I wanted to have a big cupboard with closed doors, just like yours, but I don't know where to put it.

    Can I make a suggestion? I'm using a mac with a very wide screen but your post is nearly impossible to read to me, as you use such a small lettertype. I think you should make it bigger, I think when people use a laptop they cannot read your post at all. I think you want us to enjoy what you read don't you? I don't mean to be rude, I only am trying to help. I do hope you understand.
    Nice to meet you anyway!

  20. nice place to create, TFS

  21. You are a busy girl! I think we all tend to try a lot of things (that's good) and collect too much stuff! Love your little areas!

  22. Your space is pretty and sweet. Showing size doesn't matter.

  23. Love those pink walls, and the little Kewpie is so cute!!
    Thanks for the tour.

  24. Your desk space is fantastic! Love that little white shelf above your desk... So feminine and perfect. What a beautifully creative space you live in! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance at this lovely event; please do stop by for a visit soon!

    Enjoy the party!

    Warm Wishes,


  25. You have a lot of beautiful inspiring corners in your spaces!! Each one is just as adorable as the next one!!! I see we share a multitude of similar crafts!!! It's nice to do many things, especially when you finish them all!!! Thanks for sharing your creative places, I really enjoyed stopping by!!!
    Margaret B

  26. You sound like you as many supplies for as many different crafts. Come on by and visit my studio at:


    I am lovin' this party!

  27. Thanks for sharing your creative space. I think it's great that you fit so much creating in a small space. Goes to show that you don't need the space.....just the spirit to get it done! I love that you have tried all sorts of crafts. I too have several projects that I have jumped into. I sew, scrapbook, dabble in jewelry making, solder jewelry (haven't gotten too far on this one), alter books, cabinet cards, felt old wool sweaters and on and on. It's nice to meet a kindred spirit. Thanks for visiting my site and following my blog.

  28. It's always a challenge to find room for crafty projects when your home is small like yours and mine but it really pays off when you find them! I think you've done an amazing job of working in your inspirational ideas along with organizational plans. What a wonderful job! (Oh, and don't forget to come visit me, too!)

  29. Dabbling is a good thing! I enjoyed looking...thanks!
    Dancingly Denise
    A Day In My Life at:

  30. too cute! love your spaces... I dabble too. thanks for the comment earlier... I bout the magazine foldes from IKEA.
    :) Missy

  31. Loved visiting your cozy crafting space. I can't tell you how many meal my kids had to eat holding their dishes in their laps because I had overtaken the dining room table. Which reminds me I've got it covered now.
    Thank you for sharing your sweet creative space.

  32. Hello
    Thank you so much for the wonderful tour of your space. I too have a hundred different projects and try all kinds of different creations. It is fun isn't it.
    I really loved your use of the armoire

  33. FOREVER my kids ate on the carpet in front of the tv because the table was covered with crafts - and the kitchen counters, too! They survived! Both of them are very creative and artistically talented - so I think the environment lends itself to creating creative kids! You are a happy mom - that's what counts! Hugs, Patti (paintinpatti.typepad.com)

  34. Pink and black....yum-o! Great space and darling daughter!

  35. Where there's a will, there's a way. You can be very proud of the space you eeked out for yourself. Very very charming!!

  36. It's a lovely little space to create and dream in! Your kidlets are adorable! :D

    yapping cat

  37. What a fun space full of cute little wee ones and lots of great festivities! I would love to come and play!
    bunny hugs,

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