Misery Here I Come!

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Well...I can tell you've all been waiting patiently, with baited breath to hear what my news is. The property shown in my previous post is for sale and I would like to buy it. But it is an as-is sale, and there is a lot of work to be done on it. Now, I'm all for buying a property that needs a bit of work, but when you don't have tons of cash available, that means a lot of doing it yourself. Click on Read More to read the rest of the story!

My poor husband says he's too tired right now to even consider working on a project like that, especially when working full time and two small kids underfoot.
I've been trying to look at it in the big picture, or outside the box. I can see that it needs some definite tlc...but it has such major potential to be a family home for many years...it has a bit of land around it so I won't feel squished in and I can walk around the neighborhood and not feel too depressed that I ended up back in Springfield, MO. (Oops, did I just let the cat out of the bag???)
I guess I did say that, and yes, it looks like we will be returning to the land of Misery. I'm hopeful it will be different this time, we'll have more money coming in, we'll own our own large home, I can garden, the kids can be free to roam, my mom will be with us part of the time, we'll have a pool for the hottest months so they'll have something to do, and we'll have a major house project.
If we're unable to secure this place at a very low price, we will probably have to wait until next year...when hubs is more established at work and we can procure a small mortgage. I know something will appear that will be the right place for us.
I'm going to try to post some more pics of the house for you to see and you can tell me your opinion...try to look at it with a year of work on it. The other thing I want to do is to let you follow us in the process of househunting, moving across country, renovating and decorating, and become a part of our "new" lives in the country. We won't have livestock mind you, but we will have a vegetable garden and fruit trees and my mom and I want to start a furniture business.
I might even get to travel more than I've done here. Who knows? The possibilities could be endless.
At the moment I am trying not to appear frenzied about the situation. Two months is not very long for all that I want to do. I have to suck in all the Southern California adventure that I haven't been able to before I go. You can come with me on those trips too if you like!
This weekend I am planning a quick day trip to Camarillo and Santa Barbara with a few girlfriends. Then I would love it if Doug and I can take the girls away for a few days in September just to clear our minds and relax. Doug's been working too hard. Then hopefully he and I can take a weekend or so to drive up the coast and see some sites together and enjoy eachother's company.

How is all that for some excitement eh? It's kind of knocking my socks off writing it all down!
I'll post some lists of things I need to do and plans I will fulfill! You will be amazed!

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  1. Missouri's not so bad. I know you hate the heat, though. Have fun on your weekend away!