Trying something new...

Have ya'll noticed I've been messing around a lot with the look of this blog? I just can't make up my mind what I'm doing and there are so many neat things to try these days. I am trying the wider format, and it takes a bit of getting used to. If you want to know how to do it, leave me a comment. Just hang in there with me and I'll be settled down soon enough. It doesn't hurt to try new things you know? What have you tried lately, have you been thinking outside the box at all? Tell us what you've done that you haven't done before? Maybe you went whitewater rafting, or hiked up a huge mountain, or swam with sharks, or went on your first family vacation....there are endless possibilities. All those things mentioned are things I've never done. But plan on doing. Well, except for the shark thing. I don't like swimming in dark water with large fish in it. Nope.

Anyway, I plan on doing lots of new stuff in the next few years. I'm going to be positive about life and I'm going to make things better for my family and people around me. It's good to feel expectant about life, not miserable. Join me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying positive, praying regularly, maybe even exercising...(argh).
And let's pay attention to what is going on around us...see what America is becoming. We don't want to suddenly find ourselves in semi-communist states, where our freedoms and liberties are being monitored, where capitalism has disappeared behind the veil of socialism. We need to listen to our neighbors who have been through it all and badly, like Poland, and Germany. We need to voice our opinions and LOUDLY before we don't have a voice at all. This is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and our country should act that way.

Okay, I'm sorry I spoke politically, but I'm a tiny bit worried about us all.
Anyone else worried, or are you burying your head in sands of time too?

Hugs everyone! I must be feeling better!


  1. It's good to speak your mind...people now a days tend to take the easy way out and say nothing! I agree with your positive outlook on life, if you think good things~good things happen:)

  2. yup yup yup... soooo many are burying thier heads these days, or taking the easy ways out....but then again there are those of us swimming so hard to day afloat that we can't see too clearly either.... such a scarry time for our nation!

    Like the wider format... makes for easier reading to me :)

    oh.. and my outside the box was that I recently took my disabled son surfing (with the help of an AMAZING organization! Very cool for all of us :) You can check it out here: and here: if you would like :)