A Day Out (with no kids)

I escaped today to Camarillo and Ventura...my sweet friends Diana and Julie came too. It was a lot of fun to not have to deal with carseats and diapers and all the stuff that you have to take with you for kids.
We went to the outlet shops in Camarillo, not before stopping at Steinmart (which I loved), had lunch (mahi mahi at Marie Calendar's) and supper (CPK) out, and strolled on a few beaches enjoying the peace. We found a cute veggie/fruit stand and bought watermelons. There weren't many people around, so it was very pleasant. Also watched some surfers in the late afternoon.
When I came home my dear husband had put the kids to bed, so I had a quiet evening there too. What a nice day. Maybe I'll do it again sometime.

Julie, Diana, Me


  1. Looks like a perfectly wonderful time! Glad you had FUN!!!

  2. Hooray for a lovely day!