New Orleans to Hammond Day One

Well, we made it! The trip wasn't very bad at all, except for getting up at 3 in the a.m. All the way to New Orleans I wished I was asleep. I thought the Denver airport very pretty and clean. New Orleans airport was a bit dirty and stinky. I understand it being that way, the heat, the grime, so that's okay. And they're still recovering from Katrina. That doesn't just go away.

My lovely cousin Bridgitte picked us up in her new car, which is very pretty. The weather was pretty hot too, about 95 degrees and high humidity. When I got to my aunt's house I could smell the Louisiana air, the swampy smell, the heat. It was so neat to be remembering being here as a child and how smell is a great memory bringer. Smell is one of my favorite senses. (Except for when you have to sit next to a big smelly guy on an airplane for 3 hours - not my dad either!).

So we came back to the house and I got to visit with my cousin, whom I haven't really had a conversation with for 12 years. She's very fun and full of life. She has a little boy, Mason who is six. He's very cute too.

Then we piled in the car and went to visit Grandma at the hospital. That place seemed so massively white corridored and like there was no one there. But we walked in and hugged her and she was so happy to see us! So Dad and I stayed there for about three hours chatting and telling stories about family and the old days. Grandma had another does of Lasiks to help rid her body of excess water (so she doesn't swell up and it helps keep her heart and lungs clear). It makes her pee a lot which she doesn't like. Means she has to get up a lot all night. We're all really hoping she can come home soon and get some peace and quiet. Hospitals are so busy, they never leave you alone long enough to get any rest. Her heart was 120 bpm, and her bp was 99/50.

We had Chick-Fil-A for supper (if you don't know what that is...???).
I called home and everything seemed fine, just a few minor incidences etc. But overall the girls are doing okay without mama.

Over the next few days I will try to catch up on a bit of sleep...although I doubt it. I don't know yet what else I'll be doing. I'll keep you updated on Grandma and the weather for sure!

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