Ponchatoula to Hammond Day 2

Woke up pretty late and hung around in my jammies for a long time. Dad went to see Grandma around 1 o'clock, while I waited at the house for Bridge to get back from her outing. (It was her birthday last week so she was still celebrating with friends). I also got to spend a bit of time with my little cousin Mason who is six years old. He's so cute!
Finally had a shower and got dressed and got my laptop connected to their wireless. Ain't wireless great? Doug had to help me change a few settings and then it worked, and it is working! Ha! He also mentioned that it looks like our move to Springfield looks more and more like a go, as he has a pretty formal job offer (w/ health insurance), and we've been lucky enough to pay off all our credit card bills! Yahooooooo! More when I get home and I'll expound.
Meanwhile, I got over to Grandma and she was sitting up all prim and proper. She looked a bit tired, but hadn't napped all day, so that's why. She had a few visitors too. Then my Uncle Robert called and said they were on their way from New Orleans and would be there asap. Aunt Susan was cooking chicken cacciatore too. Robert and Stephanie arrived and we had a quick visit with them then headed back to the house for dinner, and it was gooooooood! We also had homemade polenta! Delish!
Robert and Stephanie arrived at the house later and stayed till about 11:30. It was good talking to them. I hadn't seen them for about 12 years. Wow does time fly by. I got caught up on my cousins Don and Jon and their lives. Eva may be moving back to N.O. to be near her mom, which would be great.
So that's all we did...we'll see what Sunday brings. G'night all!


  1. Wow, you are a busy girl, it is nice though to catch up with family! I don't think I have ever had polenta, what is it exactly? Like corn bread?
    Happy Sunday!
    Margaret B

  2. I believe polenta is cooked cornmeal, my aunt cooked it in chicken broth and milk, when it starts getting pudding-like, then you can put it in a dish and let it set up. You can slice it and fry it up. Oh, she also put parmesan cheese in it. It's custardy. Not cakey.
    It was super good.