Hammond to Hammond Day 3

Purse from the Berry stand

Today was pretty fun. I wasn't hungry at all when I got up (too much polenta) so just had a cup of coffee. Then we took off and dropped Dad at the hospital, while we went to Target to get supplies for Mason's school (which starts on Thursday - early!). I ended up getting a few things too. It was so new and shiny there, and so stocked up with everything. In Los Angeles I think there are so many people that you never see everything on the shelves. Ever.
After that I was able to grab a Starbucks latte! I hadn't had a good cup of coffee in several days so it was like heaven, until I walked outside. It was raining big splots of rain drops, and my glasses steamed up in the heat because inside had been so cold.
The coffee had me sweating after that.
We drove over to this cool store/shop called Berry Town, and I adored it. No a/c though. There were fans blowing cool mist out over the store. The store was like an open air fruit stand but had walls (garage door walls). I was dripping with sweat, but so was everyone else... They sell local produce, boiled peanuts, crab, fresh baked bread, jams and jellies, locally made strawberry wine (which I purchased after trying a few sips) and other fruit wines, crazy things like purses, garden ornaments, t-shirts, dairy, candles and gift baskets. While we were in there I found a super cute purse! It's a rip off of a Valentino, but it's pretty! They also had Jimmy Choo, Chanel, etc. I also got some dried beans and cajun type spice mixes that I can make a few things with. I have to remember that I'm going to have to carry this on the plane. My aunt wants to give me some canned stuff, but I'll have to mail that. We'll see.
After that I came back to the house and baked Grandma some brownies with pecans. Then I drove the truck to the hospital and visited with her for a few hours. Then Dad and I got back and ate a nice dinner of beef tips and noodles that Aunt Susan made. Pretty yummy, and I enjoyed NOT cooking again. Hee hee.

So Grandma is looking quite good, she was up walking around. She's got a good appetite, but her blood pressure is a bit low and her heart rate is high. I sat on her bed by her and showed her pics on the laptop. I am so tired now, I think it will be a good night to sleep. I hope. More tomorrow!

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