Ponchatoula to Hammond to Loranger Day 4

My cousin and I at the old farm

View of the pond

Want to read what I did today? In short, drove to hospital, had a nap, went out to Grandma's old house, and stayed up late looking for houses online. Click the Read More below this.

Hey Ya'll! I'm turning southern! That's for sure!
Actually got some sleep which was lovely. Made breakfast and then Dad and I drove over to see Grandma who is doing much better. Her heart rate was at 65 bpm when they test her. And her blood pressure is close to normal. I left Dad there and took the truck back to Aunt Susan's. I hung out with Mason and surfed the internet looking for a house in Springfield, MO. (Looks like we'll be moving there...more soon). I fell asleep for a little bit, and then waited for Bridgette to get home. We took a drive to get Dad and then went out to Grandma's old house in Loranger. I got to take some video of the drive down the driveway and of the house. We also got to go inside and see all the changes they are making. It's looking really good. The guy who bought the house is super nice, and he even said I could bring my girls fishing when we are in the area! So isn't that sweet? He also said we could plan our family reunion and get a tent out there for it. So nice!

On the way back we went to the Daquiri Drive-thru and got daquiris! That is insane isn't it? I just don't see how you can drive thru alcoholic beverages! It was delicious though, but I didn't drink mine till we got home...just in case!

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