I can't get it out of my head

Before reading this, remember to check out this article I wrote on my other blog about The Lettered Cottage.

Perfect! Slipcovers are your friend!!!

You know I'm moving right? I've mentioned it once or twice. It's making me crazy. Everything is up in the air, we don't know our exact moving date, and we don't have movers organized yet. The new house doesn't close until October 2nd, if it's on time.
So I turn out the light at night and can't stop thinking about everything I don't know! Like where am I going to get enough furniture to fill all the space? Where am I going to put the furniture I currently own? Are the bedrooms going to be big enough? Are we really going to be able to afford this house? Am I going to miss my daughter too much (because she's staying here in college)? Am I going to be more lonely in MO than I am here? And on and on....
I've also become quite slovenly, I haven't folded laundry, it's all over in piles. There are papers all over the place that need to be sorted and filed. Every surface seems to be covered with something.
The only room that good is the living room and kitchen. And Holland's room is okay because I've packed more than half of her stuff (she hasn't even noticed!). Darcy's room is a total sty! So's mine. I'm just not motivated. I'm tired. I feel like I need to recover from something.
My health isn't that bad, I'm not a sickly person, but it's hard feeling like c**p all the time. I want to enjoy my life and love on my kids and not get so upset about stupid little things. That's my new goal. Hopefully that will take my mind off of decorating and remodeling.
Although, here are some pictures of cute things I might try at my new house:

Love all the white and cream...a bit too stark though

White pedestal tables are my favorite!
I found one online at Walmart.com! It's a maybe.

Might inject some red into the family room.

Now, my new kitchen is a galley kitchen, but I LOVE this one.
Beadboard, white, huge vintage sink, plank floors,
great dish rack over sink too. What shall I do?

(All photos from countryliving.com)


  1. I love the cream and white, too. Great taste.
    When are we getting together again? We leave for Australia at the end of the month...will you still be here mid-October?

  2. Beth, I should be here till November-ish. But I would love to see you before then! Are you free to go the Long Beach Flea Market next Sunday? I also have Charles at 4:30.

  3. Hi Sarah! We'll already be on our trip by then...Would you be up for a trip to Disneyland with the kiddos before you leave?