One of my favorite actors

I had this poster on my wall for a long time back in the 80s.
My other favorite from The Outsiders is C. Thomas Howell.

How could you not want to watch this guy?
Every girl adored him (he was probably already married here!)

Patrick Swayze

A very special man died today. I have known him (from the movies) since 1982 when I watched him and some other special young men in The Outsiders. Also a favorite novel of mine, the film is sweet and tender and rough at the same time. And I think that embodies who Patrick Swayze was. I saw a little while ago that he passed away today, not too far from here at his ranch. He suffered from pancreatic cancer, and it must have been a terrible way to die. I saw pictures of how thin he became, and he didn't even look like the same person. My heart goes out to his sweet wife and his close knit family. He's not suffering anymore...resting peacefully.
Barbara Walters is having a special on tomorrow night about his life. Check your listings.
Some other favorites of mine: Red Dawn (Go Wolverines!), North and South, Ghost, and Donnie Darko and of course, Dirty Dancing. Bless you Patrick.

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  1. i too loved patrick swayze.
    hard not to!!
    i watched dirty dancing over and over and over again!