Some Things I Don't Want To Forget:

1. Cool mornings sitting on my front porch, smelling the cold air, watching the green trees and the birds chirping and tweeting.
2. Alone time with Darcy, when it's peaceful, she's sitting on the floor eating Joe's O's from the bag (dumping them all out as I write this), watching Little Bear. Her hair is in a pony tail and she's happy as a clam.
3. Darcy's soft, smooth, plump skin. Her squirming so much you can't get much of a hug.
4. Being awed by how quickly she's learning, new words like "pink" and "noise", and how she understands everything we say. She says "uh-huh" so cutely too.
5. The sound of the waves crashing and the gulls calling. The smell of the sea air.
6. Riding in the car and seeing two sweet little girl faces in the rear view mirror.
7. When Holland wakes up in the morning she comes out rubbing her eyes...she either says "good morning mommy", or "I'm tired, I couldn't sleep all night".
8. Lying in bed in the early morning, it's very quiet in the house, I creep into the kitchen to make coffee, anticipating them waking up any moment, but they don't.
9. The pretty color I painted our living room and dining room walls.
10. How easily everything seems to grow in Southern California, if you get to water it. I'm going to miss my rose bushes and lavender so much.

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