Thinking about packing it all in.

There were some boxes in the alley by my house, so I took them and have been thinking about packing. I filled one box with toys that aren't necessary and I will give that to Goodwill or someone. I am now staring at all my magazines and contemplating ridding myself of them, but I'm torn because I paid for them and they make great reference material when I want to make something. Especially my old Martha Stewarts. Coastal Living can go as I know I won't be living by the sea anytime soon.
There are also tons of art supplies that need to sorted and limited. Limited means I don't really need more than a few of some things. I'd love to have a scrapbooking party and swap with people or give it away.
We are very lucky we aren't going to be paying much for our move, just boxes and bubble wrap etc. I'm thinking of buying plastic bins with lids for some stuff so I can use it for storage also. No sense in buying a bunch of cardboard...
Now I have to think about packing up the shed in a few weeks much stuff out there. Do I really need it? Probably not. It'll feel better to go less loaded down. Although if we're going to try to pay off the house more quickly we won't have a lot of extra money to buy furniture and cute stuff. Maybe have to take it with me! What would you do?

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  1. That's what yard sales of for you dear Sarah! Think of all the fun you could have finding new treasures:)