Food shopping and renovation plans.

I have discovered that there is a Wholefoods in Kansas City and St. Louis! I'll be able to stock up when I make my bi-monthly trip to the "big city". Trader Joe's is also in St. Louis!
I went to a Wholefoods-like store called Mama Jeans in Springfield and found fresh squeezed carrot juice for $3.25 a cup. They mixed in my brewer's yeast for free. Ha ha.
There is also a farmer's market every Saturday in the mall parking lot, which is less than five minutes from my house. I plan on shopping there. I noticed that my neighbors do all their lawn/yard work on Saturday, so I will plan on being out of the house most of the morning shopping or something. I hate the sound of mowers. (Make a note to self to tell my gardener to come on Saturdays too). Oh, and I think we are going to keep the guy who has been doing the mowing, so Doug doesn't have to do it. He's very happy. It is a big back yard ya know.
We've also got some changes up our sleeves already, depending on our cash flow. I want to knock a wall down and install wood flooring. Instead of all that crazy tile! Tons of paint will be needed also. Eventually will redo bathrooms and kitchen appliances. Will also need to order several sets of French doors. Don't worry...I'll take pics and show you everything. It's going to be amazing what I've got in store.

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