Getting Keys

A view of our new backyard

I am in Springfield for a few days. The house closing is tomorrow...I'm going to get the keys. I drove by the new house for the first time, it had just rained and the birds were twittering away. It was really lovely. It seems very peaceful there. I didn't see any neighbors, but I'm sure they were there somewhere. The neighborhood has many trees, it is established, and somewhat elegant. I am very excited about having a house of our own. I know the girls will really really love it. I can see us walking around in the neighborhood.
I am still apprehensive. Being here and seeing it makes it so real. The people seem so different. You can really tell you're not on the west coast anymore. I just don't know if I can stay here the rest of my life. It feels awkward.
I went to a local grocery store to look for carrot juice. There wasn't any. I don't know where there to look for it. There's no Wholefoods, Trader Joe's, Central Market or other. What's the deal? There are MANY people who live here and many who travel through and I think one of those stores would do well, especially with all the new people moving into the area.
Tomorrow I will take many photos for you. I hope I can capture the feel of my new house.
It's not near anything ugly. Amazing!

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