It's raining again...

I've got some large feet, but they go well with my tall frame (6ft.). The hard part is finding shoes to fit these puppies. I have taken to wearing flipflops year round, because I am in So. California. Moving to the midwest in a few weeks I decided to research shoe and boot availability. And I think I might have found the motherlode!
I haven't purchased anything yet, but I'm going to try their wellington style boots from Hunter. If you've got larger than size 10 feet you might want to check out and see what they've got on sale!
The boots pictured above go up to size 15! They are $98, but that is worth it when you don't buy a lot of shoes. There are also some cute clearance shoes that I have my eye on.
Okay, my next order of business - find warm clothes for the little girls!


  1. Darn those are so CUTE, but I so can NOT spend than much on shoes for myself :(

    Thanks for the heads up on the site though, I will check that out as I have an 11, and my 13 year old is in a 10!

  2. I adore a cute pair of rainboots and those fit the bill.

    I'm so excited for you with you new life changing move. Best of luck to you.