The Last Birthday Party - for a while

It's all about Darcy.

Yesterday we had a party...which was kind of silly of me to have the day after the Cottage Sale! Hubs and I are super duper very tired. And I'm weird because I can't sleep longer than six hours in a row (that's why I'm writing at five in the a.m.).
Anyway, I digress, we had a birthday slash going-away party for Darcy and ourselves. I secretly hoped someone else would throw us a party, but, uh, that didn't happen.
At 9 a.m. the princess bouncer arrived for the girls...this is a good and bad thing. The good part is that they LOVE it and don't want to do anything else all day...that bad part is that is was so hot and someone had to watch them jump. It's still out there by the way...they're going to jump for a few more hours.
(Oh, the other scary thing about having parties is that there are germs everywhere and kids coughing on eachother etc. Keeping my fingers crossed we don't catch any more bugs).
Poor Hubs and I scrambled around most of the morning moving furniture and junk and boxes. I cleaned the floors and the bathroom like a trooper. Sissy made cupcakes and corralled children.
The food and everything came together beautifully, our friend Mark took pictures, the kids ran around and fought over slinkies and bounced their booties off. The adults tended to congregate inside in the a/c, drinking spiced sangria and munching chips and salsa or slirping up fruity-marshmallow (waldorf) salad. I definitely need to post that recipe, and the frosting too.
The party went really well...there was no blood or accidents, maybe one sangria spilled...around 6ish the kids started melting down and us parents looked at eachother and said enough.

I don't know if I'll see everyone that came again for a while. It was bittersweet. I got kind of teary eyed at one point but I don't think anyone noticed. I have to say I love my house when it's clean and full of people...great memories of my babies and birthday parties here...

It's my party too - I'll cry if I want to.


  1. I still can't believe we missed it! It sounds like it was a great time! :) I have a little gifty for Darcy the next time I see you.

  2. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Hugs, Connie