Nesting Instinct

I had to order these adorable cards as my change of address cards!
From Sadie Olive!

I'm really into nests right now so I had to get this!
I also love Cathy Walters style, she's a wonderful photographer too.
One day I hope she can photograph my family.
Check out her Etsy site here. You can find her blog here.


  1. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for your lovely visit! What a cute style you have! just like us you are into nests, aqua and white...perfect!! LOVE how the desk turned out! Regarding your paint question: we painted the table using Eggshell finish paint, black, brush no spray. The eggshell is what gives it the nice sheen. Hope to see your table painted very soon!
    Marcela & Clara

  2. I know, there is just something about nests, I even put some in my Christmas tree.
    I have to say too that I love the color of the desk. It was very bold and brave of you to go with that color! It looks soooo great!

  3. These cards are soooo pretty...thanks for sharing them. Hope you have a fabulous week!