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Holy Mackerel! I almost missed a cool giveaway for a Homegoods gift card. I thought I'd tell you about it, but you better not enter! There's too many of us already.
Read about it here. This is also a great incentive to me to try the beadboard wallpaper! It looks totally amazing and so much easier than real beadboard. You know I love beadboard right? Watch out new house!!!

Spent the afternoon with Lyndsay and kids today. It was fun! We didn't get to watch Oprah together on Wednesday...I can't believe I'm moving away after making such a lovely new friend. I hope she comes to visit me one day.

I also have a friend coming over next week to help me pack. AHHHHHHHH! I don't want to do it but I have to start. I'm sort of pretending I'm not really leaving here. I catch myself just staring into space sometimes...and I think that I'm going to be in a different place next month. Oh deary me.

We've been loving pumpkin spice cake this week. Trader Joe's has the best mixes for baking there. I'm going to stock up for the winter. I think the spice cake is seasonal.

I do have photos to share with you but I'm missing my usb cable again. I need to tape it to my desk so it doesn't wander. I promise to do better!

Also, if you haven't heard of Allegiant Airline you might want to check them out. I got oneway tickets to Springfield for under a hundred dollars. And it's usually non-stop. No frills but lots of leg room. Check them out!

I'll pick you up at the airport!

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