Gorilla Glue Project!

Shanty 2 Chic

I've been planning this little project for ages, and finally found all the parts and got my Gorilla Glue out. It took no time at all! My husband cut the trim and board for me, all I had to do was paint and glue!
This fits perfectly on the side of a kitchen cabinet so the little girls can scribble and draw on their level! Hope you like it! And thanks for visiting!

Paint your cut to size board with blackboard paint.
Allow to dry for about 2 hours.

Get out your Gorilla Glue (I used the wood glue) and run a slim bead of glue along your trim.

If you add too much glue it will seep onto your blackboard surface,
so make sure you wipe it clean before it dries.

Tape the corners so they dry perfectly symetrical!

After a few hours of drying you have a cute blackboard!
I'm going to hang this on the side of the cabinet when I find
the right hangers.


  1. very cute. Great frame you made for it!

  2. I love chalkboard projects! Love the white frame next to the black too :o)

  3. this is so pretty! great chalkboard!

  4. I love chalkboard paint--you know it just covers a multitude of sins.