Moving Update

Our moving truck was delivered on Tuesday and it is finally packed and locked. It was a long, tortuous experience and it cost a lot more than we expected, but it is DONE!!!! Yay!!! I feel the burden lifting!!
We also changed our flight to next Sunday instead of this Sunday, so we don't have to rush around tomorrow. We have all week to visit people and relax! Yay again!!! This also gives our new house a chance to be completed...the floors will be done and the house cleaned before the furniture arrives and before we arrive. It'll be good.
In other news...Holland and Kathryne are sick. Darcy is staying at my mom's. I'm just praying that I don't get anything from them. I'm not allowed to get sick for at least a few more months!
Thanks for all your prayers friends!!!
NOTE: trailer was picked up late Friday it should arrive at new house by next Friday.

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