Day Tripping

Dee and I rejoicing in our TJ's shopping experience...

Driving into the storm...

Trader Joe's in MO, very friendly folks there!

We were on the road bright and early yesterday morning, Starbuck's lattes in hand, of course (always makes it better). I knew it was going to rain, but it was a lovely, warm, spring morning...a perfect day to drive 3 hours just to buy groceries at Trader Joe's. Dee is an excellent passenger, we only stopped once for gas, and she talked the whole way there so I didn't get bored and the time flew by! I had printed out directions and imagined I would get us to Trader Joe's in about 3 1/2 hours. Somehow I printed directions to Homegoods and we got there in 3 hours. It was a welcome sight, for sure. I LOVE HOMEGOODS! And I think Dee loved it too! We oohed and aahed over all the dishware and rugs and cute furniture and pillows. (I Googled Homegoods and found that there is a closer location in Osage Beach, only 77 miles away - next time!).
We shopped there a while and then asked someone for directions to Trader Joe's. We followed their suggestion only to find ourselves going the wrong we ate a quick lunch (that I did not like) and drove back the way we came and more...and spied the beloved TJs in a rather remote area...but very near the freeway. I will be able to find it in a flash next time (I hope).
We went in, Dee's eyes were bugging out of her head at the amazing stuff and the amazing prices! (For example, Joe's Os were $1.99!!! vs. Cheerios $3.49 in a much smaller box).
So I stocked up on rice pasta, basmati rice, marinara sauce (without citric acid), bottled water, organic low sugar jam, raw almonds and dried apricots, cereal, chicken broth, and a few little treasures like organic lettuce and carrots.
I should take a picture of everything I got...but I won't. I did have two shopping carts full...and I felt like a winner! Of course, when I got home we were out of milk and eggs, so I should have gotten some there.
The trip home took longer because of a huge storm we had to get through. We saw at least five crashes, and one flipped over van with stuff strewn all over the side of the highway. There were no crashes on our side of the road, but it got a little hairy when I couldn't see the road several times. We stopped for hot chocolate at a truck stop and waited for the end of the storm to go by. What a day!
It was a fun trip and I plan on doing it all again!
But wouldn't it be nice if Trader Joe's came to Springfield??? Yes please!
We are already planning another trip next month: we intend to stop in St. James and go wine tasting, and stop at all the antique/flea markets on the way to Trader Joe's. We've got room for two more if you want to come with!

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