My New Business Card!

Just had to share my new business card with you! It's new and it's my first one ever (except for that real estate job that didn't work out...shhhhh!)
Designed, of course, by my brilliant business partner Lyndsay at Lyndsay and the Johnsons!

I would love to send you one if you want to email me, and I will pop it in the mail with a few extras to give your blog-needy friends.

Beautify My Blog is coming up with some mighty fine new ideas to help the Blog World. There's going to be some free Blog Promotionals and a brand new Help Desk to help Bloggers In Need.

If you have this card in your pocket or on your desk, help will only be a click away.

Also, check back in a day or two as I have a lovely Giveaway I am going to host...see you then!

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