Thursday...Flea Marketing and Bargain Hunting

Isn't this cute little bird statue a cutie pie?
Found it at Charley's Place Flea Market.
Under $6.
I put it on the entryway table.

I was out and about today...I went to Kmart. Can you believe it?
They carry the Country Living line of furniture and housewares. The line is pricey, but oh, so adorable. Now, I just wanted to give you a heads up, the white captain's chair with the nail head trim is on sale! $99 each. Now, I know that's not cheap, but these look really nice and they are heavy. I just thought I'd mention it if you're looking for dining chairs like I am.
I also like the "parson" chair from Ikea that is now priced at $59.99. I live nowhere near Ikea. But I was imagining how cute they would look with the Pottery Barn slipcovers that are on clearance for $20 each. (Blue/black/white striped only).

This bistro set in person is so cool!
It's beautiful. Also Kmart Country Living.
Photo courtesy of

Kmart also has the Burpee brand of organic seeds, and they said 40% off so I bought a bunch and some sprouting trays. I figured, why not? If they grow we'll get some free veggies. Then I saw an ad tonight for Home Depot for the same brand of seeds, buy one get one free. might want to pick up a few zucchini packets or cucumbers. You cannot go wrong. I am excited to try some heirloom tomatoes, different squashes, and more pumpkins. Oh and green onions and lettuce. Mmmmm....yum!

Then I ran to Mike's Unique Antiques today and poked around. Everything I loved there last week was gone. I wonder if that means I have a good eye? Or I'm just too broke to buy the good stuff.

I also had to return some nasty coconut oil I bought a few weeks ago. It was cheaper that the lovely brand I usually get, but I thought it might be worth it. I got it home and when I went to use it in my cookie recipe I smelled it and it was nothing like coconut, it was like petroleum! Yikes. It was a brand from the Phillipines so keep your eyes open for that.

Tomorrow is RETURN day. I have so many things to return to so many stores...I hope it doesn't take too long. At least it's not after Christmas. Ha ha.

This week has flown by so's warming up out there too. Hope yours was good!

P.s. If you are in Los Angeles you have to go to the Hughes Estate Sale this weekend. They have expanded and there is some super fabulous stuff being offered. I mean GOOOOOOOD stuff!
Go and be amazed. Please tell them Sarah from across the road sent you (even though I'm not there anymore). I'm sending my daughter...hee hee. She might grab something for me. There are dining chairs on the wall that I want SO BAD. Oh well.

See the chairs! Upper right corner.

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  1. I love the bird statue! So cute! I'm new to your blog. Found you from New Fiend Friday! Can't wait to take a look around!