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This was just grass two days ago...I've been planning a garden for a while now.
I'm so glad I was able to get it done this weekend.
We also put rabbit proof fence around it.
I'm going to add a more decorative fence and gate in the next few weeks.

This is my little garden shed...yes it's made out of bricks.
That's so the Big Bad Wolf can't blow it down.
I have MAJOR plans for it. I'm thinking of painting it white, adding more of a patio in the front.
I have a rug for the floor already. Then I'll make some curtains to hang over the storage area.
My two little girls will have a cute playhouse and tea room.
This will be a future weekend project...which you might want to check out in the next month or so!

This is the cutest little footstool!

Getting a mini makeover!

I've had this cute little footstool for ages. Guess where I got it? Remember when Big Lots was Pic n Save? Yep, that's where. Boy, they used to have some good stuff. Anyway, I spied this, it was covered in a zebra print. Ugh.
So I was totally into toile about 5 years ago...who wasn't? I still love toile, but I came across this gorgeous fabric at Hobby Lobby and want to make cushion covers also.
Recovering the footstool was so so quick and easy...

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  1. I've been working on my garden too! I would love to have one the size of yours.:)

  2. Mine is about 16X16, I am worried it won't be big enough for all the things I want to plant...
    The lady that lived here before, for 40 years, always had a vegetable garden the size of half her back yard. I am starting small...

    Thanks for visiting!